Dear Chris

Words cannot express how very much your portrait of me and my pups means to me. I've shared it with so many at the nursing home who mean so much to me...and oh! how they've admired your work. Residents and staff alike all wanted to know who did this fine piece. And I was proud to tell them it was you!

My residents reminisced about how they used to have portraits done, how you don't see such work very often anymore, and they we're so touched by how you captured the joy in my face and each of the pups' expressions.

Josh was duly impressed...so pleased with how you expressed each dog as well.

My heart is lifted and my soul is lightened each time I look at that moment in time. You truly captured each of their personalities -- Guiness' smile, Bandit's inquisitive affection and, of course, Bailey's regal, quite beauty.

Thank you, Chris, for my family portrait.

With love and gratitude.

Stephanie Jenness
Wareham, MA

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